WarOfClicks AdClicker|||BOT||| No browser needed!

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WarOfClicks AdClicker|||BOT||| No browser needed!

Post by Admin on Mon 09 Mar 2015, 2:05 pm

[Bot] WarOfClicks AdClicker|| No browser needed!

What does it do?
It will click all ads (also wargrid) all day long!


.jar file is only 100kb small
Http request based (no browser required!)
Only uses about 20mb ram!!!!

Works on every OS (Windows, MAC, Linux etc.) which has the latest java installed
Integrated random breaks so you can leave it on your vps 24h/day

- You can choose now if the bot does Ads or WarGrid or both
- Minimized the wait time after clicking the ad a little bit
- WarCoins and $ are displayed correctly now


BOT DOWNLOAD- WarOfClicks AdClicker|||BOT||| No browser needed!


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