ExtantBux Ad Clicker

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ExtantBux Ad Clicker

Post by Admin on Wed 04 Feb 2015, 2:06 pm

ExBot V1 - ExtantBux Ad Clicker

ExBot V1
ExtantBux Ad Clicker

ExBot Will Perform The Following Tasks

Auto login and not if already logged in
Save login details via "Settings" menu
Retry if failed login
Use captcha services if selected or manual if not

- Deathbycaptcha
- Decaptcha
- Bypass Captcha
- Captcha Sniper *
(Only Tested With DBC)
* Not functioning correctly​

Auto click the ads on the ad page
Retry failed ads
Check balance after successful ad click
Show running status of ExBot
Detect ads already viewed
Random wait between ad searches (60 - 120 mins)
Notify of updates

ExBot V1 In Action

ExBot is still in beta stage,
So please report any bugs if any

After you first run ExBot
you "may" see it downloading the necessary support files if needed,
this bot was created with ubot and this process grabs required flies from ubot to allow the bot to run

After it has completed
ExBot will be ready to run

Sign up to ExtantBux here :

REF LINK -Registro-extantbux

Download- ExBot V1.0 :


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