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Post by hasmat on Fri 12 May 2017, 2:50 pm

Velenix accepts and PAY WITH PAYPAL starting at 1.25% per day online since March 22nd

This could be a guarantee but we only invest as much as we are willing to lose

Paypal and perfectmoney processors
Minimum 1 euro

Minimum withdrawal of 0.05 euros
Manual payments in 12 hours

Gain from ref 4%

Investment plans

Current 1.25% per day
You earn 1.25% per day and you can withdraw when you want
If you do not retreat the compound is automatic and retires for example after 1 month
The daily gain rises to 1.5%

Fixed for 10 days 1.75% per day
At the end of the 10 days the gain is 19%

Fixed for 30 days 2.00% per day
Gain after 1 month 81%

Fixed for 30 days 2.00% per day
Gain after 2 months 280%

At the expiration of the fixed plans automatically goes to the base floor 1.25% forever so you have to withdraw and reinvest

Paypal only deposits for fixed plans are available


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