NeverClick Exchange - For Members

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NeverClick Exchange - For Members

Post by Admin on Tue 21 Feb 2017, 1:15 pm

NeverClick Exchange

This service exchanger is not a professional service, is a service intended for members of the forum and friends, reserving Foroclix to the realization of the Exchanger or the variation of the official price indicated for any reason

Note: high exchangers will not be made to non active members of the forum especially in the event that NeverClick receives by paypal for security reasons


1. You can only request exchanger if you are a members of the forum. This is not a professional service, it is a service for friends of the forum whose purpose is to maintain this.

2. The cost of service will be a minimum of 5% for active members in the forum and 10% for non-active members. It is considered active member in that it is active in at least 5 offers. If any member of the forum at that time is not active in 5 offers for any reason but is active member of the forum or has been an active member of offers previously could be considered as an active member. Those percentages are about the total amount of the exchanger. The service minimum will be $ 0.15 for active members and $ 0.25 for non-active members for each exchanger, regardless of the exchanger's minimum. Foroclix reserves the right to vary the prices up or down for certain conditions, of course advising before the realization of the exchanger.

3.- The fees and fees of the processors will always be charged on who ask exchange

4.- The maximum amount per exchanger may be limited depending on the knowledge of the applicant

5.- The way to do it will be like this:
- First leave message in this topic, indicating raw amount to change, processor by which it is sent, processor by which it will be received.
- NeverClick will give a reply indicating the availability of the service and the cost, indicating the account in which the exchanger will be received in case the applicant accepts the budget
- The interested party will send the money, communicating it by MP to expedite procedures
- In a period of 24 hours, unless unforeseen, the exchanger will be made, although it will always be in less time.

6.- If it is published in this section that the exchanger has been successfully completed, a discount of 1% will be obtained on the next exchanger, which must be requested upon request (I do not look at it). I reiterate, At the moment of requesting the exchanger it will be said that this bonus of 1% is available.

7.- No exchanger will be made that has not previously been requested

8.- NeverClick can modify all the conditions of the exchanger, of course notifying the applicant before its realization


A 10% increase may be applied in the cases involving cryptoneses due to their volatility, as well as Perfect Money, Okpay and Payeer. The interested party will be advised if it is applied.

You can limit the exchangers and charge a higher commission in case of paypal, payza and neteller, of course advising the interested party before performing the exchanger


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Re: NeverClick Exchange - For Members

Post by ruben718 on Mon 03 Apr 2017, 6:46 pm

Correu tudo perfeitamente, recebi o meu pagamento em pouco tempo!! Serviço confiável e super rápido!! Muito obrigado


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