[WAITING] space-adventure.org - Free 1000 silver on balance

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[WAITING] space-adventure.org - Free 1000 silver on balance

Post by Admin on Mon 09 Apr 2018, 11:28 am

Start of the project: 09.04.2018

Space Adventure
«2087. Our scientists have found the new planet and it has been given the name Criptonius. Research expeditions for studying of the new planet have been sent. As subsequently it has become clear, on her to contain resources, very useful to us...»
«Thanks to the Unicraft corporation which is engaged in the space industry many had had an opportunity to earn on production of resources. Try to test also you yourself in this hard business...»

Hosting : Domain names registrar REG.RU, Ltd
SSL : Good
Script : No info
Design matches : No match


Plans : 2.5 to 40% for month

Min : $0.15
Max : No Limit
Referral : 7-3%
Payments type : Instant

About the game
1. How to play here?

After registration you receive 1000 silver on balance for purchases as a gift. It is enough to employ a starprobe vehicle which will collect to you resources. For collected resources you will be able to receive silver or gold on balance for payment and to withdraw money for the e-wallet or to employ even more starprobe vehicles.

2. How long will starprobe vehicles get resources?

Having employed the Starprobe vehicle, you will constantly receive resources the term of his hiring won't expire yet. The term of hiring is 180 days for all starprobe vehicles.

3. What to do if I want to employ more starprobe vehicles, and there isn't enough silver / gold for this purpose?

You can buy in addition silver/gold by means of electronic payment service providers PAYEER and PERFECT MONEY. It is possible to make it in the Refill Balance tab.

4. What can be made with the silver / gold earned in a game?

All earned silver / gold gets for 100% for the account for payment. Using the Exchanger you will be able to transfer silver / gold from balance for payment into the account for purchases, having received at the same time a bonus of 5% to employ even more starprobe vehicles, or to remove silver / gold having exchanged for rubles on the e-wallet PAYEER/PERFECT MONEY.

5. How many can I earn, playing Space-Adventure?

Earnings in our game aren't limited, his size depends only on quantity of your starprobe vehicles. Besides - you can earn it is even more if you invite in a game of friends and acquaintances. For each replenishment of balance by the players attracted with you, you you will receive silver / gold into the account for payment at once! In our project the-level partner program functions 2nd. To study in more detail information about involvement of people it is possible on the Referrals tab.

6. How to invite other players?

Go to the Referrals tab, where you will see your affiliate link. The person who passed this link automatically Becomes your partner. Also you will find there invitation banners and a list of invited players.

7. What is the payment password and where to take it?

The payment password is the digital value consisting of 4 symbols (FIGURES from 0 to 9) which is necessary at withdrawal of funds from the project and serves as some kind of certain protection of your account from an unauthorized conclusion to a case of obtaining your data by the 3rd persons (use of identical logins, passwords in games, etc.). The payment password is established in the SETTINGS tab of your account. For recovery of the payment password it is necessary to write on mail of the project and to specify yours: LOGIN, ID and EMAIL specified at registration.

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