[REVIEW] Altronfx.com (Altron FX) project overview and real reviews

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[REVIEW] Altronfx.com (Altron FX) project overview and real reviews

Post by Admin on Tue 13 Mar 2018, 6:40 pm

Altronfx.com (Altron FX) project overview and real reviews

The project is very fresh, as it started on March 12 and is just beginning its development. The forum audience has many versions who administer AltronFX, but there is no reliable information to confirm any version or refute it. Clearly one thing is that the admin is not without experience and offers very stable conditions that in the long run will allow the project to work fruitfully, and we will make good money. The impression of this hype is only positive, it looks good, is prepared adequately. To earn to us offer on already habitual and even traditional activity - trade on Forex Market.

As it is, we start with design. It looks pretty much even decent, however, in our opinion, somewhere has already been seen. If you remember accurately, write us in the comments immediately under the review. If you do not go into details, the visual component is sufficiently high-quality and well-designed. What else do I need to work: quality fonts, elaborate pictures, modern fonts. The administration has kept these points, and therefore the design was not bad.

Most likely, the investment project is aimed specifically at foreign audiences. This is evidenced only by English language in stock. Well, it's not a problem, because you have a Blog of the Godfather. Come right now, we always have good investment funds!

Structure and visibility are somewhat non-standard. As soon as we enter the name in the address bar, we are greeted by the start page, where the basic information about the project is painted. It's about the basic plans, the referral program. Also, there is information about statistics, recent contributions and payments.

The main links are at the top. But, there is not all. For example, the FAQ section is located at the very bottom of the site. This is where you will find the information you need on the minimum conclusion, about payment systems etc. Let everything be in English, but you definitely will not get confused, as everything is structured and convenient.

Externally, the site is technically complex and structured, nothing superfluous and especially attractive look, and confidence in the work adds a pdf-version of the company's certificate. We can use the support service from Monday to Friday during business hours, and in addition, get to know Altronfx in profiles in social networks. There is also a report from the start of the company's work.


Start date: March 12, 2013
Payment type: Instant
Commission: none
EPS: Bitcoin | PerfectMoney | PAYEER | AdvancedCash | Ethereum | Litecoin | Bitcoin Cash
My contribution: 21 $
Affiliate program: 5% -1% -1%
Minimal deposit: $ 20
Minimum output: 1 $

Marketing Characteristics
The project offers 2 investment plans:

Investment plans for the AltronFX project

Tariff 1 . It proposes to invest from 20 to 50,000 dollars with an accrual of 0.2% for a period of 725 hours. Thus, with a deposit of $ 100, every hour is charged to $ 0.2. After 725 hours the amount grows to $ 145, where 100 is the initial deposit, and 45 is the net profit. Exit in the break-even occurs on the 500 hour accrual. It turns out 4.5% per day. Total 145% for 30 days. A refback from the blog of the Godfather will help you to break even faster. The period is reduced to 475 hours, and the net profit will be 50 dollars. Profitable and easy!

Tariff 2 . It proposes to invest from 300 to 100000 dollars with an accrual of 0.3% for a period of 420 hours. Thus, with a deposit of $ 300, each hour is charged to $ 0.9. After 420 hours, the sum grows to $ 378, where 300 is the initial deposit, and 78 is the net profit. The exit to the break-even occurs on 334 hours of charges. It turns out 7.2% per day. Total 126% for 17 days.

Technical part altronfx.com

Script: DQScript
Ddos-protection from gingerwall.com
SSL encryption: Comodo + Green Bar
Original design, text structuring
Site language: English

Reviews about AltronFX: our opinion
The project started on March 12, 2018.

Concerning marketing everything is quite simple. The project offers two investment decisions, the most accessible of which is a plan for 725 hours with a yield of 0.2% per hour. For example, invested $ 200 , we get $ 0.4 each hour. The minimum deposit is $ 20, the deposit is included in the payment. Net profit of 45% , with our bonus of 2.5% - profit 47.5% . Exit in the break-even occurs in 21 days.

The project only struck, so we go at the start! Marketing is a worker, besides plans with hourly accruals. Profit should be displayed as often as possible! The project looks good, but nobody knows how it works - everything is in the hands of the administrator. We test the project in small amounts and do not forget to order a bonus from the blog! Wink

Feedback on altronfx.com

In general, this investment project has something to show and what to boast about. As we have already said, the design is not entirely original, but it is executed quite well.

Particular attention should be given to the technical part of the project. First, there is a licensed script from DQScript, which is responsible for the quality and normal operation of the entire site. Secondly, there is a highlight in the form of GreenBar, which confirms the official placement of the investment project.

As for marketing, there are two hourly plans for hourly plans. At first, we should only be interested in Tariff 1, since 300 dollars first do not fit. Already, according to this plan, for a month they give us 45% of net profit. As you know, the deposit is already included in the charge. In case you have successfully passed the circle and got your money, you can think about a few big investments. Do not forget that the plan is hourly, so order payments more often.

Opinion blog about the project Altronfx.com

Outwardly the playground looks rather well thought-out and prepared. Immediately attracts the presence of many payment cards for input and output of funds. Using forex trading, the project positions itself as fairly solid with a good working potential. Together with this, administrators offer 3 levels of the referral program with a maximum of 5%. The newcomer has not yet managed to collect the feedback. Since the platform is just starting to work, it is worth taking the opportunity to invest all the more with such an attractive amount and the opportunity to get a good profit.

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