[SCAM][REVIEW] AK47.CAPITAL- Overview and payment

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[SCAM][REVIEW] AK47.CAPITAL- Overview and payment

Post by Admin on Thu 08 Mar 2018, 9:55 pm

AK47.CAPITAL- Overview and payment

Hello dear guests of our portal. continue to acquaint you with the best projects in the high-tech industry!

Investment project AK47.CAPITAL from the well-known administrator.

Start date -5 March 2018

Information taken from the project site

AK47.CAPITAL- Overview and Payments We are professional traders who formed the team in 2007 long before the discovery of the crypto currency. We received invaluable trading experience on Forex, but after the appearance of the crypto-currency market we decided to enter a new level in the sphere of exchange trade.

So, starting from 2014 our team began to advance in cryptographic trade. At first we had a lot of failures, as the crypto-currency market was not the same as the usual market of financial assets, because of its volatility and other features. However, after 2 years we not only returned all our funds spent on obtaining experience in the field of crypto-currency trading, but increased the invested funds more than 20 times, excluding the growth of the crypto currency.

The idea of ​​AK47.CAPITAL is an association with a "currency machine gun". Our "currency machine gun" allows everyone not only to "shoot" in dollars, bitkoyny, liteks and / or aether, but also to do it as conveniently as possible! All you need is to choose an investment plan, specify the amount of investments and details for paying dividends, and finally pay the bill.

The project does not have its own office, all payments are made automatically.

Registration is simple and intuitive.

You need to specify the EPS account and your e-mail. Ref link and link for your stats you will receive by mail

AK47.CAPITAL- Overview and repayment Investment plans AK47.CAPITAL

Currently, one investment plan is open, it has the original name - AK-74

Investment period is 50 days
You get 4% per day
The deposit is included in the payments
The profit is 200%.

In the future, it is planned to open other investment plans, the parameters of which are not yet known

The project implemented an interesting game

Guess the price of Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum for the next 15 minutes
and get a bonus payment on your deposit of $ 0.10 to $ 4,700
[BTC: 0.00001 - 0.47; ETH: 0.000047 - 4.7; LTC: 0.00047 - 47.0].

You need to choose the price direction [UP or DOWN], specify the invitation code and click the "Place a bet now" button! The number of bonuses will be randomly selected.

The more participants bet, the more likely that you will succeed
hit the jackpot in BET.COIN GAME

AK47.CAPITAL- Overview and PaymentsApplicable EPS:
BTC, Payeer, AdvCash, Ethereum, LTC Perfect money
The minimum deposit is $ 5,
Payment type: automatic

AK47.CAPITAL- Overview and payment

Projects admin are known to a wide range of investors, they rattled in 2015 and 2016. In all projects, the admin gave a tangible profit and did not close projects even after obtaining a large enough amount of deposits to manage. Long time it was not visible.

Let's hope that this project will also be an excellent continuation of his cult projects and will earn investors

Registration in the project

Our personal contribution to the project is $ 30

All good investments !!!

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