[REVIEW] BTC TRADE CORP – Bitcoin Trading Review

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[REVIEW] BTC TRADE CORP – Bitcoin Trading Review

Post by Admin on Thu 11 Jan 2018, 10:09 pm

Start of the project: 02.11.2017

Hello money maker,

I’m back to share my latest review of HYIP called BTC TRADE CORP, which has joined Standard listing on DavidNews.com monitor 6 days ago and has been online in total for 8 days. It’s only a week old and who knows when was the first deposit made. The interesting fact about this program is that it offers short-term deposits but with a long-term deposit rate. Now I have reinvested in BTC TRADE CORP $200 and will keep you informed about the payment status of this program. Keep reading to find out more about it.

BTC TRADE CORP is one of those traditional cryptocurrency related HYIP’s with a generic legend. A fragment from company’s biography – “BTC TRADE CORP LTD is a modern platform that can generate income based on Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Our platform is fully automated and decentralized, and operates based on so-called smart contacts”. Lately, I notice many legends with phrases such as, “fully automated platform”, “making profit for clients”, “successful system” etc. Moreover, BTC TRADE CORP has a UK registration certificate. It all has become a common approach lately and I’m surprised if the HYIP is not about cryptocurrencies and if it doesn’t have a UK company certificate. Does it mean anything? Well, it means that the admin has done the homework and is trying his/her best to look like a legit business. However, I don’t see any correlation to predict, which HYIP will not turn into the scam.

The website is built using a licensed Gold Coders script. Loading it for the first time I had some technical difficulties because everything below the header of the homepage wouldn’t load. However, after a few minutes, everything was normal. Slow load time, but everything loaded. The website has an extended SSL certificate assigned by Comodo. Some people think that extended certificates gain more trust because they are not for free. To be honest, I see websites with free and paid SSL certificates quitting their projects after a while. Good thing to do but it doesn’t provide any guarantee to the potential investor. At the bottom of the homepage, I noticed a number of payment methods. If you see that HYIP is offering payment types such as Visa, MasterCard it’s most likely not true because usually they are not provided even in case they are displayed on the website. Therefore, I believe BTC TRADE CORP has 4 payment methods – PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash.

In case you would like to get in touch with the admin or a customer services representative of BTC TRADE CORP, feel free to use the contact us form. Moreover, there are e-mail details on the contact us page. Admin has chosen not to put his effort into social media marketing or providing a phone support. Feel free to drop a message in the chat box If you have any feedback or comments regarding the response time from the customer support.

Let’s look at some general information about investment plans.

First, BTC TRADE CORP offers two types of plans – for certain amount of days and after a certain amount of days. It’s just a matter of displaying the interest rate. For example, for 10 days – daily interest rate. After 9 days – overall interest rate. Therefore, don’t get persuaded by large interest rates. Second, the principal is included in all 5-investment plan % rates and it will not be returned at the end of the investment term. At the end, I would like to point out that there are two plans, which might be affordable for larger audiences – for 10 days 11% daily with minimum deposit $20 and after 9 days 150% with a minimum deposit of $250. Does it seem relevant to you? Keep reading to find out more about it!

Our Plans

11%Daily For 10 Days
Min - 20 usd
Max - 249 usd
Principal Included

150% After 9 Days
Min - 250 usd
Max - 499 usd
Principal Included

175% After 7 Days
Min - 500 usd
Max - 999 usd
Principal Included

200% After 5 Days
Min - 1000 usd
Max - 1999 usd
Principal Included

250% After 3 Days
Min - 2000 usd
Max - 100000 usd
Principal Included

- Project details -

Payment processors: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, AdvCash

Investments starting from: $20

Cash-out: Manual

Technical status: SECURE

SSL: COMODO RSA Extended Validation;
Hosting: DDoS Guard;
DDoS protection: DDoS Guard;
Script: GoldCoders;

Support: Contact form

Affiliate reward: 5-3-1%

I already gave you an insight of the investment plans but there are some more details to keep in mind. Always pay attention to information about withdrawal options on the FAQ pages of any HYIP. First, withdrawal processing time is from several hours up to 2-3 days, which is a lot. Second, the admin has not mentioned if there is a minimum withdrawal, which is very important. I assume that minimum withdrawal any user would request might be at least $2.2 because it’s 11% daily income for $20 deposit.

Let’s make a quick calculation to understand what’s the real benefit of investment plans offered by BTC TRADE CORP. I assume that 11% daily for 10 days is the plan with the highest potential due to its minimum deposit. $200 deposit in the first plan would make $22 a day, which means that during the 9 days you return your deposit and on the last day you make the actual profit. In this case, you would earn $20 from $200. Of course, only in case, the HYIP doesn’t stop paying in the middle of 10-day deposit term, which is possible.

I can say it’s a standard HYIP but mixed type of investment plans – short-term plans with long-term interest rate. After a quick calculation, I realized that first plan 11% daily is 1% profit a day, which is more common for long-term plans. Now I couldn’t find any extra information about the program to give any valuable hints. It’s a week-old project with standard HYIP legend and comparably passive marketing approach. Let’s see if it survives another week. However, I can’t predict if this or any other HYIP will. Therefore, if you ever decide to make any investments, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose!

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