[REVIEW] Overview of the project realestatemarkets.net

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[REVIEW] Overview of the project realestatemarkets.net

Post by Admin on Sun 07 Jan 2018, 1:56 am

Start of the project: 27.12.2017

Overview of the project realestatemarkets.net

RealeStateMarkets ( official website realestatemarkets.net ) is a fresh medium- sized project with a single tariff for 7 days at 0.7% per day.

RealeStateMarkets: general information
The project started on December 27, 2017. According to the legend, hyip-project RealeStateMarkets is engaged in real estate .

Site: realestatemarkets.net . Start date: 27.12.17 (MMGP: 27.12.17). Section: Testing .
The minimum amount of deposit / withdrawal: 10 $ / 0,05 $.
Optimum investment plans: 0.7% per day for 7 days. The deposit is returned at the end of the investment term.
Yield: 4.9% (with our bonus - 5.9% ).
Payments: pays instant (instantly).
Payment systems (PS): Perfect Money , AdvCash , Payeer , Payza.
Affiliate program: 1%.

Marketing Characteristics
The project offers one investment plan:

Investment plans of the project RealeStateMarkets

The project has 1 tariff plan
Term of your deposit: 7 calendar days
Minimum deposit: 10 $
The maximum deposit is limited to: $ 50
Accruals: + 0.7% every day
The deposit is returned at the end of the term
Total profit for the period: + 4.9% to deposit

Payouts Instant
Minimum per output: 0.05 $ for PM and 0.1 $ for AdvCash
Payment systems: PerfectMoney, AdvCash
Affiliate program: 1% of each participant's contribution.

Technical side of the project
The site is made on the license script GoldCoders
Partizan Design
Server dedicated
Domain redeemed in 2000 realestatemarkets.net обзор, realestatemarkets.net отзывы, realestatemarkets.net инвестиции, realestatemarkets.net хайп, realestatemarkets.net страховка, realestatemarkets.net hyip, realestatemarkets.net рефбэк, realestatemarkets.net rcb and paid until 2020
From DDos attacks, protects the company KoDDos
SSL encryption provides Comodo

Feedback from the administrator of the blog - Denis

How about the first partisan this year?
In my opinion, a very good option. The interest is minimal enough, the terms of the deposit are acceptable, the referral is minuscule. In this case, a fairly good technique, the domain for 3 years. Of course, there is nothing to describe by design. In general, the administrator says - "Partisan is the purest, it will work for a long time."

But it is so or not, of course, only time will show. Given that the ad can not be advertised from the start, the admin does not take it, the admin's application may seem quite feasible.

Reviews about RealeStateMarkets: our opinion
The project started on December 27, 2017.

As for marketing, the project so far has only one tariff at 0.7% per day for 7 days. The net profit for the whole period is 4.9% , with a 1% profit from the blog - a profit of 5.9% . The deposit is returned at the end of the investment term. There are limits on the entrance - as a kind of protection from perekidon. Maximum can be invested 100 $ - 2 deposits of $ 50.

The project is at a stage of smooth development. On other resources yet - we are the first! The project has a lot to develop - so there is every chance of an excellent job. You can go in and test small amounts - for 10-50 $.

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