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[REVIEW] Tudor Games Review

Post by Admin on Sat 06 Jan 2018, 12:08 am

Tudor Games Review

Start of the project: 14.12.2017

Today we have a new investment project on the agenda, first of all I was pleased with my interesting and NOT worn-out legend, which is very logical and well-formed! Next, it is worth noting the appearance of the website and technical data - here, too, everything is at a good level ...

Profitability is very decent, marketing is well thought out and designed for the future (4 levels in depth), deposits of only $ 10, and investment period of 11 days! In short, we have all the conditions for well-multiplying our contribution in this project. To us the main thing - do not pull the cat for the strap and act as quickly as possible while the project is fresh!

Running a little forward, I want to say that the company's legend is connected with the development of video games for PCs and mobile devices. Well, this is not the trend today, if you drop the crypto-currencies, a healthy lifestyle and hip-hop ... ツ

Free information:

Date of start: December 14, 2017
Company website: https://tudor-games.org
Activity: Development of video games for PCs and mobile devices
Status of payments: Pays
Minimal amount of investment: $ 10
Investment period: 11 and 35 days
Yield: 1% OR 4.4% per day
Periodicity of charges of profit: from Monday to Friday! Sat and Sun are weekends, no accruals!
The deposit body: It is returned on the first tariff (+ 1% / day) And is included in% on the second tariff (+ 4.4% / day)
Affiliate program: 5% -2% -1% -1% of the amount of deposits! Personal contribution is NOT necessary. + There are VIP terms for partners with a personal deposit of $ 1,000 or a turnover of $ 10,000: 8% -3% -2% -1%. + One-off bonuses for every $ 5,000 turnover in the structure
Payment systems: Bitcoin, Payeer, perfect Money
Currencies: US Dollar, Bitcoin
Refback: From 50% to 90%, depending on the amount of your deposit
Monitoring: A full list of forums and additional information about the project you can look at the service Allhyipmon.ru or on the service Investorsstartpage.com

Company Activities | Legend
What does the company do, how does it make money for investors?

Tudor Games Ltd develops video games for PCs - personal computers and mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets, etc.). The project team consists of 2 key departments - creative and technical, which, due to high-quality interaction, produce a high-quality product in demand.

The creative department includes: sound engineers, graphic animators, moderators, game designers, producers, artists, script writers, etc. They create and depict worlds in which people will want to plunge. The technical department includes: programmers, system administrators, technical support specialists, engineers, analysts, etc. They are responsible for technical control over the competent work of the creative process, for installing the equipment and testing ready-made programs.

The perspective of this direction is due to the fact that modern people increasingly want to get away from everyday difficulties and everyday problems in virtual reality, to distract there and relax! Many are willing to pay good money for this! So why not give them a good product that will solve their problems and allow at least for a while to relax, and in return not to take some money from them ...

In addition, the age of gamers over the past few years has increased significantly. If before the target audience of any video games were adolescents from 7 to 17 years, today more and more adult PAYABLE citizens, to whom for 30, devote their free time to games!

The company plans to develop such consoles as Sony PlayStation and XBox, which will open new prospects and will allow to receive even more profit.

How much an investor can earn here?
Investment proposals, tariff plans, terms, dividends

Investors were offered 2 tariff plans MOBILE DEVICES and PERSONAL COMPUTERS, for 11 and 35 WORKING days, respectively;
The minimum contribution to the MOBILE DEVICES tariff is $ 10, and at the rate of PERSONAL COMPUTERS - $ 30;
The yield on the MOBILE DEVICES tariff is 1% per day or 11% NET for the whole term. At the same time, the deposit body at this tariff is returned at the end of the term;
The yield on the PERSONAL COMPUTERS tariff is 4.4% per day or 54% CLEAN for the whole period. The deposit body at this rate is included in the% of payments;
Attention: on each of the tariffs for a deposit through BTC, the minimum amount is $ 40!

Investment plans of the company TUDOR the GAMES LTD :

The MOBILE DEVICES 1% to 11 business days from the return of the deposit (10 $ -10 000 $), the yield for the period of 111%.

The PERSONAL COMPUTERS (the PC) 4.4% to 35 business days, the deposit is included in the payment (30 $ -30 000 $), exit to breakeven on the 23 day, the yield for the period of 154%.

For the active development and promotion, the company TUDOR GAMES LTD offers active participants of the project to participate in the referral program that gives an opportunity to receive 5 % -2% -1% -1% of the deposit invited partner.

The opportunity to move to a new level of investment, becoming a representative of the project, which will receive a higher return on their own investments and invited partners deposits. This program was designed for sophisticated investors and operates according to the scheme 8% -3% -2% -1% . To connect to this program, you must perform one of the following conditions: the amount of personal deposits investor must exceed $ 1,000 , or the total turnover of the structure must be at least $ 10,000 . Application can be submitted to the office by writing an email to the email company: admin@tudor-games.org

The project at this stage only supports 3 payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin. It should be noted that the establishment of a deposit using Bitcoin funds are converted into USD at a fixed rate 1BTC = $ 15,000.

The minimum deposit amount in Bitcoin for any plan is $ 40 at the exchange rate.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 1 $ , payment time limit is 48 hours , payment occurs in manual mode, on weekdays (weekend no payments).

And present limitation on the total amount of the deposit to a single investor, today it is $ 500.

Very commonly the company TUDOR GAMES LTD is represented in social networks. Groups were formed in virtually all popular online communities: Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , your Pinterest , the Google Plus is , even in the presence of its own channel on Youtube . On any question can be answered on the page with a detailed FAQ FAQ , chat or online support. If the answer is not found, you can always use the page support , either alone write on e-mail: admin@tudor-games.org.
Technical features of the project at a high level:

???? Domain: Namesilo, LLC , 4.22.2017 - 4.22.2019;

???? Hosting: Dancom Ltd ;

???? SSL: COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server CA COMODO CA Limited ( check );

???? Script: H-the SCRIPT (check) .

The project was very interesting: the start time (Dec. 14), non-standard legend, connecting the plurality of social networking, a unique and crafted platform design, the average yield plans (with a limit), the connection at this stage, only two of EPS (the most popular among investors AdvCash until included) and Bitcoin (in connection plans and other cryptocurrency). All of these features, including a small amount of any advertising, talk about the administration's intention to continuously develop the project and to show good performance in 2018.

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