[SCAM][REVIEW] Automatix Top: review and feedback about automatix.top

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[SCAM][REVIEW] Automatix Top: review and feedback about automatix.top

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Automatix Top: review and feedback about automatix.top

Start of the project: 14.12.2017

Automatix Top ( official site of automatix.top ) is a medium-sized project with tariffs for a period of 7 to 42 days and a yield of 2% to 5.5% per day.

Automatix Top: general information
The project was launched on December 14, 2017. According to the legend, the hyip-project Automatix Top deals with trading on the crypto-currency and Forex exchanges.

   Website: automatix.top . Start date: 14.12.17 (MMGP: 14.12.17). Section: Candidates .
   The minimum amount of deposit / withdrawal: 10 $ / 0,1 $.
   Optimal investment plans: 2% per day for 7 days.
   Yield: 14% (with our bonus - 15.5% ).
   Payments: pays instant (instantly).
   Payment systems (PS): Payeer , Bitcoin , NixMoney, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Perfect Money , AdvCash .
   Affiliate program: ranked, up to 15%.
   Bonus from the blog: 1.5% (example: you invested $ 200, applied for a bonus, our blog pays $ 3 to your wallet as an added bonus to your investments). With the bonus, the investor is soon out to break even and starts to get a net profit faster.

Marketing Characteristics
The project offers 10 investment plans:

Investment plans of the project Automatix Top

Opinions about Automatix Top: our opinion
The project was launched on December 14, 2017.

Marketing is a worker. The most optimal tariff for a period of 7 days at 2% per day. For example, invest $ 199 , get $ 3.98 each day. The minimum deposit is $ 10, the deposit is returned at the end of the investment term. The net profit for the entire investment period is 14% , with a 1.5% bonus from the blog - a profit of 15.5% .

The project has just started. With the administration of the project already worked - in previous projects everything was TOPOVO! How this project will work, nobody knows - everything is in the hands of the administrator. The project so far only works with the crypt - it's like a kind of protection from re-killing, which is a good strategy for smooth development - and this is the key to success! You can go in and test small amounts - for 10-100 $.

Update on 25.12.17
Dear users. Due to the high load on the bitcoins network, we need to take restrictive measures to remove Bitcoin currency again, so that withdrawal transactions remain completely free for AUTOMATIX users. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.003 BTC. This is a short-term measure, and we will return the old limits as soon as the situation stabilizes.

Update on 26.12.17
The administration of Automatix Top, for the comfortable work of its investors, has added new payment systems, such as Payeer and NixMoney!

Update on 28.12.17
Good news. For the convenience of users, the administration of the project Automatix Top has connected 2 popular EPS - Perfect Money , AdvCash .

Update on 03.01.18
Excellent news from the project Automatix Top. The project successfully passed the first round according to the plan for 7 days, taking into account our bonus from the blog - 15.5% of net profit! Excellent! The project was moved to the " Candidates " category. See the details in this article .

Hello again everyone! After a mixed week in the HYIP industry I suppose we’re all hoping for an upturn in fortunes soon now that we enter the final business week before Christmas. It hasn’t been as bad as other years so far this December though, so I guess that’s one small thing to be grateful for. To get things started this Monday then I have one brand new mostly medium term program which just joined my monitor’s Standard List just after launching a couple of days ago called Automatix so fingers crossed that might make a positive contribution. There’s a couple of news updates to catch up on as well so keep reading for that, maybe a few things that might interest you anyway. More on that in the news section but first let’s get started with a closer look at Automatix, how it works, and whether you think it’s worth your while adding to your portfolio or not.

There are several investment plans in Automatix, divided into two distinct categories, which will in turn interest two distinct groups of investors. One offers smaller daily interest payments with your principal then returned at the end of the term, while the other offers larger single payments on expiry which include your principal and profit all together in one lump sum. No matter which group you favour – and there’s nothing to stop you from joining both – Automatix require just a $10 minimum spend to join. I’m guessing the daily payment plans will probably be the more popular choice, at least while the program is still brand new anyway, so that’s where I’ll start.

You can join for a $10 minimum which gets you into The Daily Start Plan, running for a term of 7 calendar days. During this time Automatix offer members a daily interest payment of 2%. By the end of the term that comes to 14% in total, at which point your deposit should be returned. There is a maximum limit of $199 on this plan, so it’s really only aimed at smaller investors or those just looking to test the program first before looking at a more substantial spend.

If you are ready to proceed with something a little bigger, Automatix offer The Daily Life Plan for deposits in the region of a $200 minimum to a $799 maximum. The term length stretches to 14 calendar days while the interest rate goes up to 2.5% per day. At the end of the term that means that Automatix should have paid you 35% in total, which can then only be considered as net profit once your principal is returned.

The Daily Top Plan is the third option, open to investors prepared to play with anything from a $800 minimum up to a maximum limit of $2,499. So things are starting to get pretty serious now. The term again extends by another week, clocking in at 21 calendar days, during which Automatix are offering their members a daily payment of 3.1% for the duration. In total these will add up to 65.1% back on your deposit, which then becomes net profit once the Automatix admin returns your principal.

Next we have The Daily Pro Plan which has a term lasting 28 calendar days, or four full weeks. You will need at least an $2,500 dollar deposit to join, but if you can afford it then Automatix are offering a daily interest payment of 3.8%. This adds up to 106.4% by the time you get your final payment, which is then your net profit once Automatix return your principal on top of that. Maximum investment limit is capped at $7,999.

An opening deposit of $8,000 is what’s required to get you into The Daily High Plan. With an investment term of 35 calendar days, Automatix are offering members a daily interest payment of 4.6% for the plan’s duration. That adds up to 161% in interest payments alone, which then becomes net profit once the Automatix admin returns your principal on expiry. There’s an upper limit of $19,999 on this one if you are joining.

And lastly, for the daily payment plans anyway, we have The Daily God Plan. High rollers only here, as the minimum spending requirement is $20,000 to join. Or if you can afford it, anything up to a $50,000 maximum. The term extends now to 42 calendar days (six weeks) while Automatix offer members a daily return of 5.5% interest. All going according to plan that should come to 231% in total interest payments, while then becoming net profit once the Automatix admin returns your principal on expiry.

Moving on to the on payment on expiry plans now, a deposit from a $100 minimum up to a maximum limit of $1,999 gets you into The After First Plan. This one runs for 15 calendar days, after which Automatix offer members a single interest payment of 150%, principal included. Or in other words your own money back plus an extra 50% on top. To be honest 50% profit is achievable in the HYIP industry within that term but only up to a point, and 15 days can be a mighty long time for your money to be sitting in someone else’s pocket earning nothing (for you) while you wait and see if you were lucky enough to have joined at the right time or not.

Anyway, bigger spenders can consider The After 2Level Plan. The rules are pretty much the same, i.e. that you get one single payment on expiry, except you will need at least $2,000 to join and the term runs for 20 calendar days. Maximum spend is $5,999. On expiry Automatix offer members a single payout of 190%, principal included, or 90% net profit.

The next option is The After Business Plan which you can join for a $6,000 minimum investment. The running time is 25 calendar days, with Automatix offering members a single payment of 240% back on expiry. Again this includes your principal, so it’s your own money back plus 140% net profit. Maximum spending limit for this one is capped at $17,999.

And lastly for the really serious players with $18,000 plus to play with, Automatix have The After Imperial Plan. This time for a 30 calendar day term members are being offered a single payment of 300% on expiry (200% net profit), principal included, on all deposits to a maximum limit of $50,000.

If you like any of those plans enough to join then the next thing we’ll need to look at is your payment options. These are limited to digital currencies which is fine though it’s been suggested that others may be added. You can’t join Automatix using any of the traditional style payment processors at the moment. I can’t say for sure why, but I imagine it’s just the admin trying to keep a lid on things as it were and extend the soft launch. So it’s digital e-currencies only until further notice. This may change before too long, if it does then MNO will be the first place you hear about it. You may invest with Automatix using BitCoin, LiteCoin, or DogeCoin. Lack of choice is greatly compensated for by instant payouts. Just log in to your Automatix members account area as normal, submit your request, and the whole thing should be processed in under a minute.

On the subject of design, security, and more technical aspects of the Automatix website, some of you might recognize the script. If you don’t, well that’s probably because it’s unique and custom made to the admin’s own specs, but has been used elsewhere in the past. It’s all quite user friendly though, and easy to navigate once you’re inside the members account area. For an added layer of security the Automatix website also has a Green Bar SSL certificate from Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. Completing the picture is DDoSGuard who are the hosting provider. They are keeping Automatix on a dedicated server with their own tech support and protection from malicious DDoS attacks.

If you have any further questions for the admin or any account related issues you need to have dealt with then there’s a couple of ways you can get in touch. Starting with the online contact form, fill in your details on the support page and click submit. Alternatively you can write directly to the email addresses listed. Fans of social media sites will be able to see Automatix‘s profiles on Twitter and YouTube, as well as connect with them in real time through Telegram. There’s a built-in Live Chat widget so check to see if an operator is online first, it isn’t a 24 hour service. Finally, and the one method I suggest you ignore, is Automatix‘s postal address. This is used to accompany their registration documents in the UK, but as I know from experience these are bought quite cheaply and anonymously (and perfectly legally too, by the way) over the net. So it’s not where you would actually find anyone connected with running Automatix physically located.

Finally, for anyone with a passing interest in such things, we are told the alleged business activities behind Automatix and how they manage to finance the payments to service their investor’s deposits are on the cryptocurrency and ForEx markets. Hardly a new claim in the HYIP world, unlikely to be the last time we hear it either, but what this has in common with every other program is that there is nothing for members to independently research and verify. But at the end of the day you know even if a word of this were true there’s still nothing to guarantee you will ever see a profit, much less even get your money back, as with all speculative based trading one person’s profit is inevitably financed by another’s loss. So no matter what happens you should always stay on your toes in the HYIP industry. That means setting a sensible spending limit that it won’t bother you to lose if things don’t work out, keep your expectations modest and realistic, and if you do join Automatix then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you are already familiar with the program then or have already made a decision on what you think of them, I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow readers. I would appreciate it if you would please take a second to answer the following opinion poll, and remember it will be completely 100% anonymous at all times. I think it will be extremely interesting to refer back to in the coming weeks and months once the degree of success obtained by Automatix becomes apparent.

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