[REVIEW] Overview of the project bitwallio.com

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[REVIEW] Overview of the project bitwallio.com

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Overview of the project bitwallio.com

Start of the project: 28.08.2017

2017 can rightfully be called a year of crypto currency, and it's not just the record price of the main digital currency. The society begins to understand the value of this invention, and the bravest ones are already investing millions of dollars in start-ups based on the blockbuster. Not surprisingly, there are so many hyip projects on the subject of crypto currency recently. The project which will be discussed today is also a bit of a battle, but unlike its peers it turned out to be truly unique. So, the Bitwallio.com fund is an investment "combine", where the possibility of passive income is combined with the function of an electronic purse and an advantageous exchanger. But this is not all, in more detail about all the "chips" of this instance will be told just below. Investors always require from administrators something unique, and this day has come! No one has previously guessed to make the hyip project so practical that it can count on its long service life. The project is placed on well-known investment resources, but it's also not necessary to forget about the "sarafan radio". Earnings on the Internet are gaining popularity and projects similar to bitwallio.com from this will only win.

Now for more details about the BitWallio platform. First of all, let's start with the investment component. The project offers trust management services on crypto-exchange exchanges, where traders manage your assets and charge for their services a certain commission. In our case, the tariff proposal for investors already takes into account all expenditure transactions, which does not require additional calculations. Cash is managed by employees with many years of experience, which guarantees a stable increase in your investment. But I would not call the project unique if it was the only thing he does Smile Achievement bitwallio.com is a full-fledged online wallet Bitcoin, similar to CoinBase, blockchain.info and other eminent comrades. It also makes it possible to send / receive / store electronic coins with minimum commissions (total 0.0007 BTC per output). Since currency I / O is possible not only through Bitcoin, the service can be used as an exchanger. Profitable courses allow you to conduct speculative operations at any time of the day. You can also play on the volatility of the Bitcoin course, i.e. use the platform as an exchange. In other words, the project opens up trading opportunities. It sounds loud, but in essence it means the same thing. And finally the most interesting is the Bitcoin card. The product represents a real bank card, with which you can withdraw money and pay at any store around the world! Of course, to get it you need to fulfill a number of conditions, but it's worth it.

Buy and sell Bitcoin | Litecoin | BitcoinCash | Dash | Dogecoin

The site of the project is modern and unique. Do not forget that we actually have an e-wallet platform, and on such resources the chips are usually hidden inside. Still, it is more important to provide the client with a functional personal cabinet, and not to try on the external component. Nevertheless, the site looks nice and reflects the office color. The graphic shell is neutral, without a pile of gold coins and maidens on chic cars. The content is minimal, so as not to overload the user with unnecessary information. On the front side, we meet traditional "for" in favor of working with the fund, the current exchange rate of the currencies in relation to Bitcoin, the investment calculator and the statistics of the latest transactions in the system. Data on transactions are updated in real time, the authenticity of each of them can be checked by clicking on the corresponding link. FAQ without excess water, use the practical function of spoilers. The official site is available in 2 languages ​​- English and Russian. The personal cabinet is functional and performs basic functions. It is worth noting its not a pattern, what is expected on the project with such capabilities. Advertising materials and statistics on referrals are present. You can ask the administration question through the feedback forum, the ticket system in your account and e-mail. Legal address: 2 Pope Street, London, United Kingdom, SE1 3PR.

Investment offer

Marketing of the project does not provide for long analysis, for which the newcomers will express special gratitude.
Only one tariff is available - unlimited with a daily payment of 1.5% of your deposit.
The deposit is not refundable, i.e. is already included in daily charges.
The break-even occurs on day 67 (with RefBack taking into account 62 days).
The expected yield is 45% per month.
The minimum deposit is $ 10, the maximum deposit is $ 10,000.

In general, marketing the worker and with the correct use of the advertising budget can give a good profit. Well, if you understand the crypto-currencies, then most likely you will still profit from the exchange rate volatility of Bitcoin.

Payments are made instantly;
The minimum amount for withdrawal is not, for the replenishment / withdrawal commission is proposed:
Bitcoin: replenishment - 0%, output - 0.0007 BTC
Bitcoin (internal translation): replenishment - 0%, output - 0 BTC
PerfectMoney: replenishment - 2%, withdrawal - 0%
AdvancedCash: replenishment - 3%, output - 0%
Payeer: replenishment - 5%, withdrawal - 0%
BitWallio Card: replenishment - 0%, output - 0.0007 BTC

Financial transactions are made through the following payment methods: PerfectMoney (verified, country - Ukraine), Payeer, Bitcoin and AdvancedCash;
There is access through one EPS and output through another payment system (the function of the exchanger);
The offer for active participants is attractive: 10% of each deposit.

Technical side of the project
In terms of technology, the project is at an altitude that is necessary for the operation of the multifunctional platform.
A self-scripted script and a unique design are used.
The domain is registered for an impressive time: from August 5, 2017 to August 5, 2022, the registrar is not from beginners - NameCheap Inc.
A dedicated server (IP was purchased for stable operation of the site.
Hosting services are provided by Dancom Ltd, cloud technology from CloudFlare Inc. "protects" the resource from cyber attacks.
Data transfer is encrypted via SSL certificate from Comodo with improved features (with Greenbar), valid until August 22, 2018.

Mail: team@bitwallio.com
Feedback form

Feedback from the administrator of the blog - Denis

Very, very interesting specimen. The project is created as a separate BitCoin purse where you can create your account, get your BitCoin address. And thus you can use this purse to pay for various services. Cool, yeah?
The project does not take a large commission for input, but the output is absolutely free. Entering through BitCoin without commissions is an important positive point.

In general, everything is done cool, cool, the project can be used as a BitCoin purse, as a cheap exchanger, as an investment site. Have you seen this for a long time?

Reviews about Bitwallio: our opinion
The project was launched on August 28, 2017.

The project proposes to invest funds in trust management on an unlimited basis with a yield of 3% per day. For example, invested $ 200, get $ 6 daily. The minimum deposit is from $ 10, the deposit is included in the payment. Exit in breakeven in 34 days, with our bonus of 6% - in 32 days.

A powerful project with a variety of applications. The project's work is connected with the crypto currency, the administrator knows what is now in the trend. The project was launched recently, there was a smooth promotion. Since this is a piggy bank, we are guided by the rule: we have come earlier - more profits have been received.

Our contribution is $ 300.

Deposit in Bitwallio

Update on 11/13/17
Hot news was presented by the Bitwallio project. Our investors, and we in the place of them, left in a breakeven on an indefinite plan. Almost for a week, we get a net profit of 1.5% per day, already earned 6% - there will be more! EXCELLENT! Do not forget to order a bonus from the blog, and stay in profit in place with PROFVEST Smile

Update on 27.11.17
Great news. Bitwallio continues to please us with its work, from the moment we entered the break-even point, we earned 31.5% of net profit for 21 days, according to the plan on an unlimited basis. This is just the TOP result, and if so, then we transfer the project to the TOP category - "Leaders"! Bonus of 6% of our blog, it still works as well, so - do not forget to order Smile More details in this article.

Update on 23.12.17
Hot pre-Christmas news from the Bitwallio project. We and our investors have already earned 68% of net profit under the plan on an unlimited basis. The same result! The project changed its marketing and in exchange for the previous plan at 1.5% per day, came a new one - at 3% per day on an unlimited basis! Exit in the break-even occurs on day 34. Profit is simply FIRE!

It is worth noting that the new tariff is valid only for new deposits, and for old deposits remained the same accruals - 1.5% per day on an unlimited basis. The project also has a bonus from the blog - 6%, which will speed up your exit into the breakeven!

Blog opinion about the project Excellent middling with good investment conditions and preparation. The project is at the start and we have an excellent opportunity to earn it, while it has not yet been trumpeted from all sides. As for me, the site has all the chances to shoot well and show fruitful work - the administration has chosen a good time to start, well prepared hayp, which really can work, leads a thoughtful promotion, and therefore does not hurry. I advise you not to lose sight of the project and if you are not ready to start from the start, you should add it to your bookmarks.

Conclusion: a high-quality middling on a script with an original idea and powerful preparation for many criteria. As they say, the project differs from other non-standard functional, it can be used as a bitcoin-purse or a platform for trading the CTC against the BTC / USD. Our interest is directed still more towards the investment proposal with a single "eternal" plan at 1.5% per day. The deposit is a part of daily charges, the return on investment taking into account the reflex from the portal will come in two months, payments are claimed by the instant. Taking into account the conservative rate on deposits and quiet development, the planned increase in the popularity of the project is ensured. The project is on our portal under the "Deposit Protection" until November 15, 2017 with a fund of $ 300. To our partners we offer refund of 12% of your deposit.

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