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Go down - Min 100 Rublos (55% per day for 2 days)

Post by Admin on Tue 08 Aug 2017, 1:22 pm

Start of the project: 08.08.2017

About the project:
Bitons-company forms a direction for further development in the segment of microcrediting, lombard lending, as well as investment banking services, the newest technologies for processing financial transactions and management.
We achieve the best results due to the techniques of progressive management, the experience of a team of professionals and synchronous interaction.
Bitons specialists have studied all the difficulties that arise in investing, and have created their own product that can solve all the problems of the investor - this is the Bitons platform!

The essence of this investment platform is the accumulation of funds owned by legal entities or individuals for further investment in financial instruments, rather than in production assets.
Bitons greatly simplifies the process of investing funds, and offers a system through which each depositor can receive revenue, while saving energy, money and precious time.
Now you do not need to look for a suitable option on the Internet yourself or think about creating a portfolio - you only need to choose one or more investment plans that are represented by the platform, and your representatives will take care of your incomes.

Domain: ENOM, LLC, 26 Jul 2017 - 25 Jul 2018
Hosting: OOO FREEnet Group
SSL: PositiveSSL COMODO CA Limited, valid: 2017-08-02 - 2018-08-02
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Investment plans:
100-2500 rub 55% per day for 2 days (total 110%)
2501-10000 rub 56% per day for 2 days (total 112%)
10001-25000 rub 57% per day for 2 days (total 114%)
25001-50000 rub 58% per day for 2 days (total 116%)

100-2500 rub 39% per day for 3 days (total 117%)
2501-10000 rub 40% per day for 3 days (total 120%)
10001-25000 rub 41% per day for 3 days (total 123%)
25001-50000 rub 42% per day for 3 days (total 126%)

100-2500 rub 27% per day for 5 days (135% total)
2501-10000 rub 28% per day for 5 days (total 140%)
10001-25000 rub 29% per day for 5 days (total 145%)
25001-50000 rub 30% per day for 5 days (total 150%)

100-100000 rub 7% per day for 100 days (total 700%)

The number of opened deposits is unlimited
The deposit is included in payments for each of the plans

Features of input and output of funds:
Deposit and withdrawal through Payeer, Perfect money, AdvCash, Qiwi, Yandex money
Instant Payment
The minimum contribution is 100 rubles
Minimalk on the conclusion of 10 rubles
When withdrawing money, there is no commission


Affiliate program:
Affiliate 3-lvl: 5% -2% -1% of the contribution

Administration contacts:
Telegram chat:
Group VK:
There is a form for feedback on the site itself - Make Money Online RefBack Offers -

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