[NEW] 2.5$ BTC in 5 minutes! + Pay Proof

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[NEW] 2.5$ BTC in 5 minutes! + Pay Proof

Post by Mrkhalil on Thu 09 Mar 2017, 4:50 pm

1.) Play here: bitkong.com
2.) Use a Facebook-Account (it can be fake) to receive 100 free bits
3.) You can also deposit some bits, 1000 should be enough for nice earnings
4.) Change the currency from bits to USD
5.) Choose gamemode "EASY"
6.) Start with a basebet of 0.01$ try randomly clicking the tiles until u get to row 5
7.) If you loose, double your bet and lower your row-goal to 4
8.) repeat this until u win and start again with your base bet

bet: 0.01$ row: 5 - LOOSE
bet: 0.02$ row: 4 - LOOSE
bet: 0.05$ row: 3 - LOOSE
bet: 0.10$ row: 2 - WIN
bet: 0.01$ row: 5

Xchange to currency bits or mBits then cashout to bitcoins or any currency available in time.

Minimum withdrawal amount is 2.000 mɃTC. Withdrawals will be completed when your deposit has reached two confirmations.


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