[TUTORIAL]What Is GPT Sites?

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[TUTORIAL]What Is GPT Sites?

Post by Admin on Wed 01 Mar 2017, 12:04 am

What Is GPT Sites?

GPT site means Get Paid To .. site. A GPT site offers members to be paid to make different actions on websites and less frequently offline - phone calls for instance.

Most frequent paid actions are:
- filling out webforms
- playing quizzes
- filling surveys
- playing video
- clicking ads
- ...etc

According to their nature, actions are commonly paid within a range from $0.05 to $1. There are often contests with money prizes for members completing the larger number of actions.

The GPT sites are theoritically paid by commissions from affiliate merchant but this type of site is often banished from affiliate programs because their provided leads don’t convert - people fill forms for money and not because they are interested in a product or service.

GPT sites is known as get paid to websites. GPT sites are where members make money online by filling out surveys, completing task, doing offer etc and get paid in the process, although you may not get rich with gpt sites but the money adds up and can even pay all your bills.
Filling surveys

Survey is one of the most popular ways to make money online with gpt sites. Companies need the survey data to improve their products and services. And government need surveys to know the popular opinions of the masses and thus provide for their needs and other necessary things, and gpt sites are there to help get the people who can fill the surveys and therefore get paid for the data they provide and the money is shared between the gpt site and the members that complete surveys.
Tasks and Offers

There are lots of short task online that people may not have the time to do themselves so they hire others to do it for them, tasks such as writing article for their sites, editing work, filling data, rating music, signup to other sites, post comments watch video, try their products, shop online, click ads etc they are paid to do these short tasks for them.

These are the two main things that made up a gpt site. If you need more info on how to earn with gpt sites click GPT Sites Tips to visit. You may also visit Best GPT Sites for the lists of best gpt sites you can join for free.

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