REFBACK SITES 80% - Ground rules and terms of the refback system

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REFBACK SITES 80% - Ground rules and terms of the refback system

Post by Admin on Tue 17 Jan 2017, 1:19 pm


MODE: REFBACK 80% Unless otherwise stated.
ATTENTION: During registration check that the Upline [nelomota] matches.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Clean Cookies or use a different browser than the one used to visit ads

MODALIDAD: REFBACK 80% Salvo que se diga lo contrario.
ATENCIÓN: Durante el registro verificar que el Upline [nelomota] coincida.
RECOMENDACIONES: Limpiar Cookies o utilizar un navegador diferente al usado para visitar anuncios

Ground rules and terms of the refback system

1) 1. You must join under my referral links (preferably on the ones on this page).  Sign ups do not count if you join under someone else.  Please be sure to post your username for verification in topic(so that I know who you signed up as).  False sign ups will not be paid.    

2. You are welcome to join ptc sites on other pages on my site and request refback though you will need to let me know if you want to participate, otherwise, I would not know if you are participating or not.  

3. One person per household.  Per terms of use on most paid to click site, I only allow one person per ip address (household).  If you have family members who want to join, they have to get their own ip addresses and computers.

4. To receive the first payment, you only need to request it with a PM or other processor-give me your username and paypal/perfectmoney address-

5. To receive the next payment, you should post here the amount received before.

6. The minimum Payment at the moment is $0.01 P.M. , $1.10 Paypal , $1.10 Payza, I reserve the right to change.
Please remember that 80% RB is counted globally (adding your earnings in each of listed sites), so it is convenient to join as much as you can.

7. Most sites has multiple streams of cash, you should use all of them to maximize earnings.

8. I reserve the right to add or delete sites from the list.

9. Spam and unrelated emails will be disregarded.

10. You can only request payment,when i receive payment of that sites - Make Money Online RefBack Offers -

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