gpt1 - Min Payout 0.16 euro

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gpt1 - Min Payout 0.16 euro

Post by Admin on Thu 21 Jan 2016, 5:32 pm

GPT1 - Min Payout 0.16 euro

Introducing GPT1:

GPT1 is a site that pays you to subscribe to advertising agencies.
The principle of the site is to make you earn points, called Token, which you can then turn into € and receive Paypal. There is no limit payment, apart from 15cts a tax is levied on all requests for payment, so the payment limit is 15 cents. It's best not to demand payment as soon as you earn 20-30 cents, but to demand payment directly after assemble 200-300 token.

Earn points:

To earn token, nothing fancy.
Just as I said to register on partner sites.
For her, RDV in the Offer (Token) and choose a sponsor (left panel) or there will be all the offers tab.?
Generally offer Matomy is good, but there are others, you do not have to limit supply filled EXCEPT for offers or requires a mobile number. Fill in a week because there is a risk of not being paid otherwise.
Once your selected offer, look if there is a category "Free" or "Free" for free but paying offers.
Watch the action to do (typically: Sign up to receive your token) and do there.
Once everything is completed, the token does not emerge like this, you must update the site and you will see your Tokens.
If you do not have your token, wait 15-20 minutes while her put them.

Redeem points:

Once you have a small token packet, go to the "Token => Euro" tab and enter the number of token you have in the box "Token 0" and you will see how you will do its €.
And click "Convert" and you will get your €!

Receive its €:

So, it'll just make a request to receive your winnings on Paypal

Payout 0.16 €
Members count between 100 000 and 1 000 000
Average referral rate 10%
Average profit by action 0.50 €
Available offers per day 1000
Payment solutions Neteller, Western Union,Amazon, codes pour sites de jeu , Codes, Gift voucher, wire transfer, Payza, Skrill/Moneybookers, Paypal
Main currency €
Language english, french, german, spanish
Free site Yes - Make Money Online RefBack Offers -

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